Brave Lisa loses her locks in memory of her mum

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A Wirral hospital administrator has braved the shave and lost her locks to raise money for a cancer charity in memory of her mum.

Mum of two Lisa Cullen, who works at top private hospital Spire Murrayfield, near Barnston, made it a real family affair as her two young sons and husband Mark lent a hand with the scissors and clippers.

Lisa, 40, from Woodchurch, Birkenhead, hospital bookings team leader, lost her mum to cancer almost three years ago but she has done the annual charity Race For Life for the past ten years.

She said: “My mum and dad, Barbara and Duncan Rogers, were from the Wirral but they lived abroad in the Middle East and when they were over my mum came to Spire Murrayfield Hospital for a check-up because of a problem she was having.

“Unfortunately it showed there was a bladder tumour and there wasn’t a lot to be done about it although she had chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“I just wanted to do something because of that and Macmillan Cancer Support have a Brave the Shave challenge and I decided to do it.”

Julie Watkinson, Acting Hospital Director, said: “Lisa is a valuable member of our team here at Spire Murrayfield and she’s been very brave in doing this and her colleagues have been right behind her.

“Macmillan is a worthy charity and it’s one we’re delighted to support.”

Lisa plaited her long red-gold hair and her sons, Sam, 11, and Alex, seven, cut the plaits off – they have been sent to the Little Princess Charity to provide wigs for children who have suffered hair loss for various reasons – and husband Mark did the rest with the clippers.

Lisa, who has already raised over £750 for Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “Friends and family came round for support and I had a glass of wine to relax me and we streamed it live on video on Facebook so my dad could see it in Cyprus where he is and for my sister, Melanie Hodson, in New Zealand.

“The boys seem to like it and they’re aware of their Granny losing her hair but I think Mark is really proud of what I’ve done – I did ask him first and I told them here at Spire because it wouldn’t be fair to just turn up and everyone has been really supportive.

“I quite like the idea of having shorter hair and I don’t think I’ll grow it as long again so the wind won’t be whipping it around when I’m watching the boys playing football.

“The short hair is very convenient and I’ve Googled a few short hairstyles so now I just need a good hairdresser.

“I know my hair will grow back. A lot of the people who undergo cancer treatment have no choice.”

If anyone wants to support Lisa’s fund-raising efforts can go to the Brave the Shave website at and find Lisa’s page under her name.

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