Month: April 2018

Retired Cheshire vet publishes memoirs

A RETIRED vet who was a pioneer of pet medicine in Cheshire and once encountered glamorous Coronation Street legend Pat Phoenix in her silk nightgown has published his memoirs. Derek Carter, 80, is one of the main founders of the Northwich-based Willows Veterinary Group. His family life and 35-year career caring for animals has been […]

New live music showcase set for record store day launch at Stretford Mall

A MUSICIAN who started his career working with major acts like the Stone Roses, New Order and Fatboy Slim is to help launch a new live music showcase, at Stretford Mall. Rick Jones’ new underground electronica act Dark Fidelity Hifi is to perform the first ever live set to be staged in the popular Reel […]

Popular North Wales band who performed for Mike Tyson will be headline act at charity ball

A POPULAR band who were handpicked to perform for legendary boxer Mike Tyson will be playing at a charity ball organised to raise funds for children with a rare, life-limiting condition. Universal Exports will join X-Factor star Pierre Herelle, a former member of the world famous soul group The Drifters, on the bill at the […]

Manchester based WWII battle group plan massive splash at seaside Forties Festival

A World War Two battle re-enactment group that rehearses its manoeuvres in Manchester  is set to make a massive splash at a seaside 1940s festival on April 21-22. The supercharged display will be put on by North West Military Collectors group (NWMIL), whose pyrotechnic experts strive to make the action as authentic as possible.  As […]