Film buff turns has home cinema with 100 inch screen built in his garden

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Film buff Paul Williams loves movies so much that he’s had a home cinema built in his back garden – complete with a massive 100-inch screen.

By day it doubles as an office for the self-professed flicks fan from Frodsham –  but at night Paul transforms it into a “man-cave” to watch classic movies with friends.

It is fully fitted out with comfy sofas, a top of the range projector, digital surround sound and a huge screen.

The new building was made by Rubicon Garden Rooms from Flintshire – founder John Lyon was inspired by his 20 years as an engineer at plane manufacturer Airbus to develop a zero-maintenance wood fibre composite material.

Rubicon’s bespoke top-of-the-range units are now used for everything from home offices to art or music rooms, yoga studios, teenage dens and annexes for dependent relatives.

Frodsham film buff Paul Williams, his wife Caroline and their  three-year-old son Tommy with his newly built home office and micro-cinema built by Rubicon Garden Rooms

Frodsham film buff Paul Williams, his wife Caroline and their three-year-old son Tommy with his newly built home office and micro-cinema built by Rubicon Garden Rooms

Paul said: “I work from home and I really needed my own office space,  so it is designed to have my desk and work area.

“We had two choices – add an extension on to the house or build something separate in the garden and, given the difference in cost, this seemed like a sensible compromise.

“The desk is on order, but I thought I’d get the rest of it sorted out first and now it’s the perfect place to watch films.

“The projection wall is painted grey to help with ambient light, and I’ve got a HD projector paired up with a 5.1 surround sound system – its perfect really.”

A fan of classic American movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas and all  the Spielberg films, the 38-year-old also catches up with football and golf on his huge screen.

“It really is so peaceful and quiet,” said Paul, a management accountant, who has a three-year-old son Tommy with wife Caroline.

“I certainly have a great escape place now, which is nice, as it’s always chaotic living with a youngster.

“Tommy is starting to get into his films though so it might be that Finding Dory gets projected up on to the big screen instead!”

Measuring 20 square metres and fronted with double French doors, the Rubicon Garden Room fits snugly into the surroundings of the couple’s three bedroomed dormer bungalow and the family are delighted with their investment.

Once the design and fittings for the building were agreed, the sections were manufactured at Rubicon’s factory in Deeside, North Wales. Then Rubicon’s team of experts took less than a fortnight to install it

Rubicon Garden Rooms Managing Director John Lyon said: “More and more people are realising the benefits of working from home, whether self-employed or working remotely for a large company.

“It saves them time on their commute and allows them to spend time with their family and friends, or work the hours that suits them best.

“However, often they don’t have the space, especially once they start a family. So building in their garden is an excellent compromise – and in most cases, they don’t need planning permission.

“Our bespoke service means they can create exactly what they need, without any worries over maintenance. It just takes a few weeks from start of the design to completion, so there’s very little disruption to their family life.

“Doubling the home office up to be a home cinema means it’s an even better use of the space, for all the family  – I must admit, I am rather envious of Paul’s massive 100-inch film screen!”

Paul and Caroline are full of praise for the Rubicon team and the speed in which the building was constructed.

Paul added: “Once we decided what sort of thing we wanted we did an internet search and Rubicon came up. We went up to see the showroom in Deeside and we were really impressed.

“All the detail we were looking for was there and the price was right. John knew our budget and was able to give us what we wanted to for that and, once we’d placed our order, his team installed it three weeks later.

“In total Rubicon was on site for three weeks and all the staff were absolutely excellent – we couldn’t fault them at all.

“You don’t often find that level of attention to detail these days: I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Paul and Caroline are now finishing off landscaping their garden following the construction work.

Paul said: “I’m not sure whether Caroline will be allowed in. Perhaps by invitation only – it’s definitely a man cave! But she’s happy as it’s freed up another room in the house, which used to be my office.

“So I think we’re all going to enjoy the benefits of just having that bit more space.”

Rubicon Garden Rooms has more than 10  years of experience in the building industry, and specialises in the manufacture and installation of garden buildings to create home offices, annexes for older relatives and teenagers, music studios, and leisure buildings.

Fully insulated,  its hi-tech wood fibre composites simulate wood, whilst other products simulate stone and slate in order to enhance comfort, zero-maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

More details at or call 01244 552813

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